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Trade Fantasy Stocks in sport players now!

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It's easy to start playing


Analyze Fantasy Stocks

Check out all player stocks in the marketplace. Use your knowledge and predictions to predict how players are going to perform.

Build Your Portfolio

Assemble a portfolio of players that you think will do well over a period of time. Choose how many fantasy stocks to buy in each player.

Start Trading

The better a player plays on the pitch, the higher their stock will rise! Be smart about your trades. Watch the games, watch the markets and sell your stocks when you are ready!

Earn Dividends & Weekly Rewards

Buy the best players and earn dividends, accumulate Fantasy Points over the week and earn huge rewards.

frequently asked questions

What is TradeStars?

TradeStars is a Fantasy Sports Game. You can trade Fantasy Stocks of your favorite athletes' and participate in Daily Contests. The points you score are based on the performance of your picks in real games.

Is it safe to add money to TradeStars?

Adding money to your TradeStars account is both simple and safe. We have many different payment options to ensure that your personal details are safe with us.

What makes this game so unique?

TradeStars points system is calculated on the basis of the performance of the player in an actual match. Check TradeStars Fantasy Points System .

What do I need to play TradeStars?

Log in with your email address on TradeStars. Once done, follow the steps to participate in this game of mind and thrills!

Which sports are available?

You can currently play cricket and football (soccer) on TradeStars. The two most popular sports worldwide.